Dear future husband

Very true!


Now I am not the letter writing type. It has never been my forte, but yet here I am full of surprises. I am not sure whether or not we have met let alone when we will. So I am writing this to share my fairytale or lack thereof of our first meeting. I’m not big on once upon a time…. or happily ever after. I was never the girl that dreamt of being Cinderella or Snow White which is probably why I tend to be very realistic.

See I may not be the prettiest girl in the room based on the worldly standards. I wouldn’t be the girl with shiny and glossy perfect hair, I would be the girl with dreadlocks that point more to my lack of time and freestyle nature. I wouldn’t be the girl with the perfect figure based on what you have been cultured to…

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Beauty hack- Fuller lips


If you have followed me for a while, you will know that I love a polished dewy  face and fuller lips.  Since I naturally have small lips, I’ve had to find ways to make them look plumper and fuller without surgery. You want to know how I achieve this? Then keep reading.

1. Always prepare the lips first so that the surface is soft and clean. Start by removing flaky build up by lightly brushing the lips with a toothbrush. I personally like to make a sugar and honey scrub (honey for the consistence and sugar for the exfoliation) for my lips. This will also boost blood circulation, which promotes lip fullness and colour. I then smooth on a lip balm to nourish the pout.

2. Thin lips? Extend the boundaries with a little concealer. Simply slather concealer over the entire lip surface and just beyond the outer lip line. This will blur the lip edges, giving you more surface area to work with. The  neutralising effect of the concealer will also make your lip colour stands out. Continue reading

February Faves


February has been a rollercoaster kind of month, few days, and anxiety piles, swamped by work. To make it worse, I have not had stable Internet at my apartment. Oh well, March is here, almost half way, counting down to Easter and loving the new season autumn. Here are some the items that made it to my February Faves.

  • Paula’s Choice Resist C15 super boost serum, It has worked magic on my dark spots.
  • Paula’s choice Glycolic acid- I have used it as an exfoliant to help fade hyper-pigmentation and reduce my flamed large face pores
  • Manicure set– Need I say, very girl needs a set?
  • Lippies– Elizabeth Arden Peon and Barely there, my Favourite nude lipsticks. They are goof for every daywear not forgetting M.A.C HOT TAHITI that has stood a test of time.
  • Beautiful scent- Juicy Couture it is fruity, juicy and long-lasting. Its scent lingers all day long.


  • thumb_IMG_2278_1024


  1. BOOKS: 
  • Dreams and things Notebook:I use this  I jot down my things and dreams as the title reads
  • Reads- Adulting in 468 easy(ish) steps by blogger Kelly Williams Brown
    Kelly helps you  with her simple yet practical ways of making it through to adulthood. She gives hints on what to wear to your first job interview, renting your very own apartment and also truly important: how NOT to hook up with anyone in your office. How to act professional and the basics when it comes to office etiquette.


  • Working out: It has kept my spirit high and helped me with concentration and now its teaching me discipline.
  • Cooking: Been trying out many new recipes, new foods and new fresh fruit cocktails.
  • Photography: I am a photography amateur and with blogging I need to perfect my art of photography. Been learning how to take crisp flat lays- DSLR gimmicks and jargon while putting it into practice
  • Stretching and meditation– I shouldn’t say that I do Yoga but I do meditation.

What topped your February list? I would love to hear from you.

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Saving without pain. 

You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you. -Dave Ramsey

save with no pain

Just the other day I challenged a friend of mine about knowing her finances. I asked her if she knew the 16- bank card numbers, how much she had spent in the week and her bank balance. She was was truthfully to say “I don’t know but my card ends with a 7, my bank balance uhmm, all I know is that I have not overdrawn my account.” With this said, I knew I needed to talk about this issue of managing  my/ your/ her  finances to the dot.

I have always tried to keep in tabs with my finances and I have learned how to “save without feeling that pinch, here are some of my tips on how to start saving

  1. Treat your savings as expenditure

You know that moment you go to buy that body-con dress/ perfume/ or your grocery? Yes you should treat your savings as an expenditure. Each month I make sure I write down that amount of money as a bill. I know I have to pay it into my savings accounts and it is mandatory. If you feel tempted not to do so, you can organise with your bank for direct-debit transactions so that the bank deducts and transfers that amount of money from your current account into your savings on your behalf every month.

2. Start small.

If you want to save, you have to start small. Good habits are hard to pick up but if you start small you can grow the habit and with no time you will find it so easy to save. You could start with a piggy bank, I have tested it and it works.


3. Jot down

Have a monthly budget and write down your expected income, expected expenditures (such as rent, phone bill, grocery, gym subscription fee). Keep your receipts too for reference. This will help you estimate how much you spend in a month and help you plan accordingly. You can invest in a budget planner,  use an excel spread sheet and also a mere notepad to do this.


4.  Save with a goal.

I remember the day I got my first pay check, I was very excited because I had planned on how to use my monies. I wrote down what I needed to give my new empty apartment a facelift. This was the first time I took saving seriously and in less than six months, I had filled the empty apartment with what I needed for comfort.

5. You can still save despite the size of your pay check.

Being a student, I have learned to live in my means. As much as I would want to save 80% of my stipend, I can not because the cost of living is so high and again I need to live a comfortable life. This has taught me to prioritise my monies and save the little can afford to. Even if you start with saving $20 dollars a month, in 5months you will have $100, so give it a go.

6. Plan and plan

Quit shopping on impulse and plan ahead before you fill your online shopping basket. I recall while in the U.K., I bought cloths not because I needed them but because the model looked good in them. After a year of my MSc., I did not have enough space to carry all that I had bought home.  To date I still have pieces I have never worn. This experience taught me how to plan. I now purpose to shop on plan.

I wish you a fruitful February and keep saving.

Thanks for stopping by,

Love and love


The Me Time Tag

IMG_1861Photography: Faye

January has actually been one of the busiest months in my entire life I am glad it is coming to an end. Just from the one week-Festive holiday break, I had to get kick into my busy schedule, look for a new apartment, move apartments, meet some deadlines and kick start some 2016 resolutions. Here I am today, 17 days later, if you consider my last blog post.

When I was chosen by El to take part in the the Me TAG, I was so excited but have hardly had any “ME time”. But today being the last Friday in the first month of 2016, I just had to have some time off to get this ball rolling. Without further ado lets get into this:

What do you watch/read during me time?

I have always loved TV but it always gets me tired so often times the screen watches me instead of me watching it. But on a good day, I catch up on my favorite series: Big bang theory (the science and humor), modern family (Phil Phil cracks my ribs), Empire (Sadly no new season until GOD knows), 2 broke girls among others. For movies I make it point to watch one every weekend or two. I recently enjoyed MAXCinderella and  Paddington.
When it comes to reading, I have been reading lots of books, I am a book-worm that I read almost everything except politics.  I am inclined to self help books, inspirational and mind challenging and fiction books. I have read many in the lines of Paulo Coelho, Elisabeth Wilson, Khaled Hosseini, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, John Grisham among others. I have also bookmarked Good reads because it challenges me to have a book to read always.

What do you wear during me time?

In my me time: I am more of a camisole and leggings girl. Australia gets so hot even with air-con so I am always in a vest and shorts. To be honest, I am just learning to wear maxi and loose fitting cloths.

// What are your me time beauty products?

I am more of a beauty junkie, I love everything that makes my skin feel supple and dew. When it comes to beauty products, I have always believed beauty comes with a price so U try as much as possible to invest in my beauty products ( this will be a post on its own I promise).  But in my Me time, You will find me doing a clay facial mask, Soaking my feet in sea salts, painting my nails and tweezing my eyebrow ( all these are DIYs).  I also can’t do away with my vaseline petroleum jelly, Nivea Superior protection petroleum jelly and Mac studio fix foundation to powder.

Current favorite nail polish?


Nails Nails Nails, I love Luron nail polish from Kenya (it is readily available in East Africa  it’s priced reasonably for the African market and it does not chip for weeks). But when I want a high end pampering session, I reach for OPI,  Sally Hansen and Rimmel nail polishes.

// What do you eat/drink during me time?


Me time means I can afford to have a minute or two to don my apron, pull out my cook book and have a decent and healthy meal. I eat anything ranging from fruits, vegetables, tuna fish, eggs, brown rice, chapati, Mandazi among others. I love to drink green tea, hot water with a slice of lemon, cold water and a home made African spiced cup of tea. To me any time is tea time.

// Current favorite candle?

Its until of recent that I have come to love candles. You will notice that my new apartment has a may candles with beautiful scents, all well decorated on the dining table, bathroom.

// Do you ever have outdoor me time?

Yes, I usually take walks into recreation parks. I prefer jogging to new destinations, a long walk instead of taking a bus on a Friday like this. Outdoor me time helps me think and re-focus my energies, its renewing and revitalising.  I also usually go to the shopping malls to window-shop,  decor shops to pick inspiration.

// Favorite online shop?

I have always shopped at BoohooASOS, mostly and occasionally at Ebay. I find Ebay more of a convenience store, it always has everything I need, from hair extensions,  electronics, phone accessories, beauty supplies among others.


// Anything to add? What else do you do during me time?

I love YouTube, its a school to me. I have learned lots of life-changing skills from YouTube

Thanks for stopping by,

Love and Love



What’s in my Gym Bag?

IMG_1540 (1)

Its that time of the year when we start working on our new year’s resolutions. One that made it my priority list is getting my butt to workout more efficiently and train like a beast. Previously I have always had my workouts at the comfort of my home but this year round, I am hitting the gym.

If you are just like me and its your first time in the gym and you are wondering what you need to pack, then this post is for you.

Must items to have:

Proper gym kit that includes:

  • Trainers (Invest in a good pair of running shoes)
  • Sports bra,
  • Sports vest
  • Sports hoodie (jacket- depends on the weather where you live, if hot, you might not need it)
  • Sports tights(leggings)
  • A gym bag to carry around your kit

When buying gym wear aim for comfort, buy tights that are stretchy, able to absorb sweat and not see-through. Believe me you don’t want to bend down while doing squats or a dead lift and have your entire undies seen. For sports bra buy one that offers maximum support to your boobies so that you are comfortable when exercising.

If your gym doesn’t provide free drinking water please get a water bottle because you will certainly need it.


If you plan to have a shower immediately after your workout at the gym, invest in a good body towel, slippers (flipflops), body shower gel, sponge and a lotion. Since I have dry skin, I also plan to use my vaseline alongside the Body shop lotion.



I have also included a small toiletries bag that holds my spare toiletries when that I plan to use after freshening up.

What do you carry in your gym bag?

I wish you a happy, healthy and safe New year.


Love and Love



2016, Make it count 

I took off the last 7 days of 2015 to enjoy and revitalise my mind. You know often we work so hard and forget holidays. This is often common from where I come from, a holiday is seen as luxury and only enjoyed by the “well off to do persons”.

During this time I have enjoyed the gift of family, taken time to do all those activities I have never got time to do ever since July 2015. I have read books, I am now on my second, soaked in sun, baked, gone sightseeing, enjoyed sunset and sunrise among others.


It’s the 2nd of January, 2016 and I am compelled to write and share some of the ways I am going to incorporate into my life or continue doing as often as I can during this new year.IMG_0340

  1. Put GOD first and seek HIS counsel. Heard of that verse: Seek first the Kingdom of GOD and the rest will flow in line? Yes that’s exactly what I am talking of. I have seen GOD work in my life and HE can still work in yours because HE makes everything beautiful.
  2. Mind your flock: Associate with people above you and try to exploit every relationship in a good way so as to learn and grow. Birds of the same feathers flock together, you know.
  3. Acceptance: Accept my current situation because I often times live in denial. I have learned that he best way to change is to accept what I am, who I am and the situation I am in. After this I can work towards being what I want / who I want to be and where I want to see myself.
  4. Change your perception on things. There is no such a thing as born lucky. Quit saying so and so is lucky because luck just doesn’t happen, it’s something you generate by organising your life in a way that maximises every opportunity that comes your way. Change your mindset and chase that which your heart yearns for.IMG_0557
  5. Buoy up yourself:  Try as much as possible to encourage yourself. To be honest courage boosts confidence. There things I did in 2015 that were as a result of courage. Without breaking through our comfort zones we can’t change.IMG_0592.JPG
  6. Save: Save time to do what you love to do, save money as much as you can, save electricity, save water and save food. Be a saviour of sorts.
  7. Spend with a plan: Document your finances and have a plan on what you are to spend. Quit buying quantity and cheap but rather buy durable and only that you need not what you want. I am learning to spend after researching and stop the impulse buying.
  8. Be in control: Take charge of your emotions and learn from failed relationships. Move on when need be.IMG_0688
  9. Listen and be slow to judge.
  10. Happiness: Search happiness and make merry, do something that makes your heart leap with joy. Doing things because of bandwagon and persuasion is so yesterday. So if it is a book, read it, a holiday take it, quitting your job because its not satisfying then you have the green light. At the end of the year, you will thank me.IMG_0397
  11. Plan your life out: Have a plan and a timeline. Say if you are saving, save for a solid item, be it a wedding, buying your first house. This way, you can keep keeping on.
  12. LIVE: Choose to live. Let there be days when you just breath in, leave the hustle and LIVE. At the end of the day, its your life to live and let know one hold you down.IMG_0080
  13. Groom yourself: Wear that fancy dress, spoil yourself with a nice perfume, that pedicure you have kept off for months, that hair cut/ hair do, you know..
  14. Make new friends: Go out and be social, meet new people, network and build your circle of friends because life is better when shared.
  15. Invest: Start a new hobby. start a new business and start something worth investing in your time. It may not count at the start but as time goes on you will see results.
  16. Healthy living: Work out and eat healthy. Health is wealth.


Quote: The pages of yesterday cannot be revised, but the pages of tomorrow are blank and you hold the pen. Make it an inspiring story- Billy Cox

HAPPY 2016. I wish you the very best of this new year and keep stopping by,

Love and LOVE